Sylo Synthesiser App Reviews

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Versatile Nice App

This app has a lot of hidden uses.I often record samples into it and play around with all the effects etc to achieve a certain sound.I love the record feature and audio past etc it works very well with other DAW's. highly recommended instead of wasting money on other apps,this app does the job.

AUDIO-BUSS please! Way over do

This is the best grain "anything" ..that I've used. Sample something ...then process it ! Fantastic!I literally I use this app on every sound design project in my studio and on jobs for clients. It's a major part of my tool kit ....the most useful grain synth ever! Not kidding it's amazing! But it needs audio buss like a million years ago!peace christo

potentially one of the most useful

I so wish Sylo had a better midi integration with the rest of the synth apps on my iPad. and like another reviewer said ... Audiobus support. Sylo was one of the first synth apps I put on my iPad and an early introduction to grain synthesis. you can have hours of entertainment and post production level audio with this app, but there is a very strong need to allow it to "play nicely" with Thor, iMini, Patterning, iSEM, Animoog, etc ... maybe this app is in a phase-out due to mitosynth - I dunno - but if that issue is worked on its 5 stars, seeing that the UI is very simple and there's virtually no learning curve - your kids will LOVE IT!!

Would be perfect, but... audiobus support. I love this app, but audiobus support would make me love it even more.

Why Did I Get This

It is sooooooooooo good. I can't stop playing it.

Amazing synth/sampler

Really love this synth. You can get some amazing timbres just by sampling everyday sounds around the house. I actually like it better than its big brother synth Grain Science, which is more full featured but much more complex to program. There's something about the simplicity of Sylo that keeps me coming back to it.

Underrated synth app! Expecting more to come

Loving the freshness of tones and expressing them in raw and different ways. Old grungy guitar tone can become a synth lead monster with slight tweaks of preamps, distortion, ring mods...basically tons of options to make your sound your own. Some of the effects I wouldn't have any use for musically, but I look forward to hopefully an expanding sound library to experiment with. One awesome feature I look forward to using is its ability to record any sound you input into it (you can even sing into the mic and it will generate a changeable sound wave) and tweaking it. Expanding the current sound library would make this 5 stars for me.

Audiobus support

Why no Audiobus with new update?


For the times you just can't find the right sound. Create it. Brilliant!

Good synth

Interesting synth app. Wish you could save. Flaming Lips' Steven Drozd uses this live. Quite commendable.


It's great.but I would love to save the custom sounds I make.


This is a great synth. I just only wish it had audio bus support.


This is good stuff, but I realllyyyy WISH there was a way to save the sounds you custom make.

Free Version Has Ads

I have V1.1.11 and am afraid to upgrade because the free version has ads across the top. Who knows what else is under the hood that might be considered nefarious. The upgrade path promises no ads but ads on the free version made me lose trust in this company. There was no advance warning that I'd have to contend with pesky ads. Not cool. The synth itself is very simple so beginners can learn from using it. However, I don't see it being worth the upgrade price for more advanced users. The on-screen keys are difficult to play. I'll have to try this with an external controller to see if my user experience improves.

Mangled sonic fun

When I was still fairly new to the iPad universe, I was trying out all the free synth apps. This one I purchased in app after only 30 seconds of twisting a couple of knobs and hearing fresh, innovative sonar spectrums. This is certainly a niche synth...look elsewhere for nice tranquil pads. Sample any sound and mangle with grain synth, delay, ring modulator, a unique freaky low pass filter; add some single-knob FM and distortion and make musical noise like no other synth can even imagine. Export in-app recording to other apps for further manipulation. Easy MIDI options, too. This is by far the best kept secret for fantastic new sound creation. Small tweaks make big changes to the tone. Again, this is for making unique, glitch-style music; real easy to make ultra-harsh synth solos that really stand out in a mix. Definitely a very useful tool in my producing arsenal. Well done Wooji Juice.

Up to par

Skrillex good

For beginners

FUn for beginners but not very useful for experienced producers.

Give it a term

Give it a shot it's fun.




Love it!

It's very creative...

This is very creative and flexible. I was surprised when I got it, there are tons of options, settings, etc. it's great!

Surprisingly good

Great app, really pleasantly surprised

Fun app!

This app is a lot of fun to play with!



Will not update

It was a good app. It will not update.


I've been playing around with this thing for awhile just for fun and it's great! I think I'll end up buying the full version soon!

Fun sound design synth

Grain synthesis. Record your own wave forms. Sold


This rocks. Works and worth every second.

Exactly what I wanted

Best piano app I've used on any platform

It's cool

It's like a better sk1

Good soft synth

Fun to play with basic synth controls. Good for learning and passing time, but I prefer hardware.

Great app!

Just overall great app. Lots of parameters to tweak to get the sound I want. I still haven't used it with MIDI but I'm sure it'll be just as smooth.


Todd Rundgren would be so proud of this.


Reminds me of the 80s. Love that.


The app crashes after I open. I will keep the app but I expect an update soon

love it

but we need more sounds and midi support!

Awesome effects

Great keyboard app to play with. Very stable and never crashed for me.


used to love it, but now it crashes every time I try to open it. I re installed and all that but it's not working. fix that and Would gladly give it 3 stars


Good synth. please and a sequencer

Pretty awesome

But I'm not sure how to use it? Lol

It's cool

Not bad sounding.

Good app

I thought was really neat

Surprise Hit!

I picked this up last night after following the updates for sometime. I am really happy with the little sampler synth combo. It is quick, stable, works well with the built in mic as well as IRig Mic, works with background audio like drum apps, copy/paste. Get the pro version you won't regret it! (core midi would be nice to have;-)

Nice synth app

This synth app has a nice range of sounds, with intuitive controls.


I'm new to apple and garage band but I'm an experienced musician and I have to say this is a pretty neat tool.

Great little synth!

Lots of tweaking options and it sounds great. I enjoy the sampler most of all. Even though you can only use the iPad mic, it still works really well and for what it is (free), its pretty awesome. Like another reviewer said, there are some pops and clipping noises and it seems they are unavoidable. Besides that its pretty cool! I love it.

App is great!

I'm not a professional dj, but love to play with it. Love the beautiful interface and quality of sound.

Fun little app

I really enjoy using it

Solo synth

great sounds! Still learning how to use it. edflo4

Great sampler, sound maker

This is a pretty cool synth. The sampling is great, and there's a decent amount of tweaking options. Easy copy paste, upload etc. This is really mostly about creating your own sounds. Using the built in iPad mic works well, but that's mono. To really get this apps full potential you need a stereo microphone and adapter. The downside is that unwanted clicks and pops occur now and then. It could use more tweaking options. But it's really very useful to me for making creative new sounds from the world around me. Just needs a little more polish on sound quality.

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